Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update on some of my WIP and a new start

The new start is HAED Sistine Chapel, I am doing it as a SAL with my Yahoo Group Over-Oners. I have the first 200 stitches done on it and a very large amount of stitches to go.

Then I have the Wiehenburg Coat of Arms that I have been working on. I have 3 pages done on it I do not know why my computer has it in blues but it is a deep red.

Then there is LHN North Wind that I am almost finished with.

I have been working on BBD Wild Garden

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update on three of my WIP

The first one is by Willow Hill Samplings called Bluebird Quaker Sampler which I thought I had added it to my WIP list so count this as my adding this to my WIPapocalypse list;

Here is With Thy Needle and Thread Birds of a Feather

Wiehenburg Samplers Coat of Arms